Virtual Office Advantages and Disadvantages

Isn”t it a lovely concept, to think of a “virtual office”, or a “distributed office” which has no actual physical location, and therefore, no associated costs, like rent, maintenance and lighting and so on and so forth, but instead, has your employees working for you, online. Remember, owning a Virtual Office does not prevent you from having your own business address, telephone and fax numbers, courier services, answering services, web hosting services, meeting and conference facilities, and mail delivered to your doorstep, all virtually, through cyber space of course.

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I know you are thinking, “How on earth is this supposed to work? What real advantage can I enjoy, if I have a virtual office to conduct my home based online or Internet marketing business?” Technically, an office is a place where you do your work and conduct your business, wherever you are. It could be inside your car, or in your garage, or even on a mountain. Wherever you prefer to work, make it into a comfortable space, your own space, away from all distractions. If you employ a number of people, then too you could use this “shared office” concept. However, maintain discipline, so that your work gets done on time, every time.

For your postal business address, you may not wish to use your home address as your business address. You could probably rent a post office box, to which your real mails can be sent by your clients, or you could make use of the “Commercial Mail receiving Agencies” available today. These mailbox services offer you a corporate sounding address, which you can use to your advantage to make money online. Remember, several firms use virtual office space for their businesses, and have reaped the rewards.

Although it may be true that there are a few disadvantages of using a virtual office, there are advantages as well. Let me tell you what they are. One of the most outstanding benefits of using a virtual office is that it helps you communicate better with the consultant or employee who is working for you on a particular project, and what is even better, he or she would be able to access the large databases required for the project, even if he is at home looking after his children, while you, also sitting at home, would be able to oversee the work at every juncture, without even moving out of your favorite armchair. Just imagine, even when you are traveling in a train, or enjoying cocktails at your favorite place in town, you would still be able to keep a close watch on your project, and make sure that it is being done perfectly and according to your specifications. It is you who would have complete control over your work. What a great idea, isn”t it?

Please, however, be careful that before you start your virtual office make sure that a full customer and policy database is incorporated into the management system, and as far as possible, standardize everything. This would help you make sure that the same work is carried out in the same way, every time, thereby improving efficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, now!